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A members-only community of 500 NFT collectors with access to events, curated drops, and more.


Access drops from our decentralized creative studio experimenting with art, entertainment media, and decentralized project ownership—all on the blockchain.

ULTRAPASS is our official collector token providing access to thousands of the world's greatest artists, creators, and drops. By minting an ULTRAPASS you will receive an ERC-721 token that gets you into exclusive drops from the top creators in web3.

  • Private network of 500 collectors
  • Access to exclusive curated drops
  • SEGMINTS: select your favorite category of art for access to more exclusive curated drops
  • Staking Rewards: unlock special drop tiers and mints
  • Access to Virtual & IRL events

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total supply?

500 tokens. Any unminted ULTRAPASS tokens will be minted to the UltraDAO wallet and used to compensate future DAO contributors.

What is the mint price?

The public sale will be opening on August 25th at a fixed price of 0.75eth and will be open until 5pm ET on Saturday August 27th. We are offering a limited number of discounted mints (0.5eth) to select partner communities as well as Woodies holders and UltraDAO creators via Premint. For those who previously signed up, you can check if you won/eligible for the mint please visit the ULTRAPASS Premint.

Is my allowlist spot guaranteed?

These are NOT fully guaranteed mint slots. They are still first come, first served so be sure to mint yours when the mint goes live.

What is the utility of ULTRAPASS?

Holders gain access to a private network of fellow collectors as well as digital art from our Curated and Community collections. Some drops may be free while others come with a small cost. We will also offer exclusive virtual and IRL events as well as collector guides for different types of art and various blockchains.

When does ULTRAPASS expire?

In three years.


SEGMINTS is a special feature of your ULTRAPASS that qualifies you for special drops from UltraDAO artists based on a certain art category. There are six categories available to choose at mint: digital art (2D), Digital Art (3D), generative art, photography, music, and collectibles. These will be in addition to our regularly scheduled Curated and Community drops.

How does staking work?

You can stake immediately upon mint. Over time, your ULTRAPASS will evolve, offering access to exclusive rewards and drop tiers from UltraDAO artists.